Our Services

Merchant processing with P3 helps businesses of every size with payment processing products and services to meet every credit card processing need. Our comprehensive offerings serve all — from a startup business with a need for secure payment solutions, healthcare offices big and small, to an e-commerce retailer looking to streamline the checkout process for its website. We also offer in-store or on-the-go payment processing with our mobile solutions. Below are just some of the services we can provide..

Payment Processing Equipment

We can help you select the right credit card machines and software to process payments efficiently for your business.


Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Technological advancements have created new categories of point-of-sale systems, delivering state-of-the-art solutions.


Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile transaction processing with ProcessNow® from TransFirst is for merchants and service providers who want to use their smartphones or tablets as a terminal on the go.


Online Credit Card Processing

Cutting-edge options, including virtual terminals and payment gateways, let you process via the Internet quickly and securely.


Telephone Processing Solutions

Low-volume MOTO merchants can accept credit card payments efficiently and cost effectively with phone processing from TransFirst.


Other Merchant Services & Solutions

Merchant loyalty programs and gift card programs that can be customized are two more solutions offered by TransFirst.